Staalplaat ~ ((Radio))

Staalplaat ~Radio Each Thursday from 11.00 PM  until 01.00 AM. 
We started early 1983 at the notorious Amsterdam radio pirate “Radio God”. The program stopped late 1999 when all pirates were killed by selling of FM frequencies commercially. Recently it resurrected on the internet station broadcasting every week with a Presenting live sound […]

Ohm @ Instruments Make Play Festival 2017

OHM is a relatively new collaborative project where Geert-Jan Hobijn, Gijs Gieskes and Radboud Mens perform using self-built tools. The three have a very impressive status of each other and this cooperation could be referred to as a ‘super group’ of instrument builders and developers. For Instruments Make Play they (for the first time!) a […]

Sale Away vorspiel-Transmediale 17

We build a new mechanical orchestra for Transmediale  that consists of instruments made of custolmised household appliances, which might normally be found in a shop window. The various sound devices are arranged in groups.  A robot video interface invites the passers-by to “play” the orchestra through their phone with simple dial commands. Visitors can select […]

Art+Technology Award 2014 to be presented to Geert‑Jan Hobijn

uitnodiging Kunst+Techniek-prijs 2014_Hobijn_HR Invitation Art+tTechnology Award 2014 Thought‑provoking sound art as a playful gift to a wide audience               The Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2014 will be presented to Dutch sound artist Geert‑Jan Hobijn. Hobijn will receive the award in recognition of his entire body of work. The presentation ceremony […]

Cairo Kids Cobra workshop

[AFG_gallery id=’3′] Kids Cobra workshop building instruments and performing. Building and Performing Mechanical Instruments Staalplaat Soundsystem has created a multitude of Machine Installations usually featuring odd  machine orchestras constructed from consumer electronics and a plethora of found objects, we noticed that children were fascinated by our way of playfully misusing everyday household items. In 2005, […]


  We did out first version of Yokomono-white at in 2007 Podewil for a one of colaboratuion consert  with Hassan Khan The idea for ‘Yokomono White’ was made for the Avanto festival in Helsinki but never realized nor tested. “Yokomono white” is just old turntables with paper tubes and a pin using our own Yokomono […]

Staaplaat Soundsystem plays Maritime Rites – Wasserkorso, by Alvin Curran with 16 sirens

Invited by Netwerk for the Festival: StraatHerrie (literally translated ‘Street­ noise’) we did our concert in Aalst and used 16 sirens. (written for shiphorns) I got the hand written score from Alvin and had it transcribed and then saved to Midi, we played it as DMX (with a self programed Max patch) It worked very well. […]


20-07-12 till 26-08-12 Klankenbos NEERPELT Klankenbos in the context of Manifesta 9 Musica organises a summer exhibit presenting a new and permanent  installation COMPOSED NATURE. [AFG_gallery id=’20’] Vibrant trees are the focus the of the Dutch  Composed Nature installation by staalplaat Soundsystem and Lola landscape architects. An interactive installation brings a series of motorized trees […]


staalplaat soundsystem made a very simple sound installation: a set up with 4 coffee machines at  DOK-Gent, Belgium. 4 electronic valves control the water. 4 sequencers control the valves. [AFG_gallery id=’10’] This is a remake of Sweet Sissy and the Ballroom Hiss that we did in 2002 In vooruit Gent where we used coffee machines […]

Forte Piano: Le forme del suono

Our work Yokomono-pro is presented at Forte Piano in the Auditorium in Rome from  02/05 2012 to 10/07/2012 it sais Artisti invitati Prima Parte Vito Acconci, Nanni Balestrini, Massimo Bartolini, Riccardo Benassi, Roberto Benigni, John Cage-Nam June Paik, canecapovolto, Gino De Dominicis, Maria Thereza Alves-Jimmie Durham, Jan Fabre, Emilio Fantin, William Furlong, Al Hansen-Jerry Mulligan, […]

Staalplaat Soundsystem in residence at LACE

[AFG_gallery id=’11’] Staalplaat Sale Away installation video A video of the installation, made for LACE  during our recidency to stay up to April 15 Staalplaat performance video For this performance we were using “everyday electronic junk” scavenged from thrift stores and donations, staalplaat soundsystem fashioned new “orchestra” of “sound machines” controlled by self-build sequencers. All […]

FluxYou at the Intermediales Symposion Kiel

Staalplaat soundsystem presented the installation/concert ‘Musica povera al dente’ or fluxYOU at the Intermediales Symposion Kiel For the set up we had 19 hand driven turntables, made from siple neadle, paper horn andfound opbjects like a salad-dryer or yogurt box. Weput contact mic’s on the paper horns and used our ownthe white and transparent model […]

Composed Nature

  LOLA landscape architects and Staalplaat Soundsystem present a new installation Composed Nature, developed for the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Dordrecht, it consists of a matrix of 64 trees. Controllable, mechanical vibrators are mounted on each individual tree and are operated by custom made software. The sound of each tree can vary from a barely audible […]


staalplaat soundsystem is releasing a series of artist vinyl release used in our own yokomono sound installations. This new record is a second attempt to create random vinyl . Our first attempt was the release of Yokomono 03 where we hoped to cut two tracks, one spiraling from outside in and the others from inside […]

FluxYOU at Auditorum in Rome

sound sample FluxYOU or Musica Povera al dente at Auditorium Rome 2010 [audio:] “Fluxus Biennial 2010-2011” Staalplaat soundsystem presented a new installation/concert  ‘Musica povera al dente’ or fluxYOU commissioned by Fondazione Musica per Roma, Rome Auditorium” For the set up we build 20 hand driven turntables, made from siple neadle, paper horn and  found opbjects […]

we made a track for Palais de Tokyo in Paris

01. Track for Palais de Tokyo answering machine 10 [audio:] They say” A l’instar de Christian Marclay, qui dans sa vidéo Telephones (1995) a rassemblé des extraits de films hollywoodiens montrant des acteurs répondant au téléphone, Staalplaat réalise un montage de sonneries de téléphone et de conversations téléphoniques provenant de bandes son de films. Ce […]

nine lives of Buddha in Rome

We were asked to do a Buddha machine remix and so did our own interpretation of the little sound box: The Buddha machine has nine loops and we destroy nine machines in nine ways as a interpretation of Dick Raaijmakers Intona (1991) where he deconstructs 12 microphones. [AFG_gallery id=’19’]

kids racing audio concert

for the 9th September @ the staalplaat Berlin store I infited 4 children that ride 4 tricycles on each tricycle I  mounted several radio’s and asked the kids to drive up and down the street (two on each side). I did bring my turn table out on the street that has 4 tone arms so […]

for the spirits of dead computers

[AFG_gallery id=’29’] During the Sonic Art 08 residency I have made a “for the spirits of dead computers” a sound-machine from things I got for no reason or for other planned that did not work out. I used a car window wiper engine ,intended for the otto Berlin piano, and empty computer housing that I […]

Otto Berlin

Otto Berlin On a previous Khoj Sonic Art residency in 2006 there was a project done by Cynthia Zaven named  “Untuned piano concerto with Delhi traffic orchestra” . Khoj organized the Untuned piano, (named Otto Berlin) and it was still standing in the Khoj hall when I came in 2008. I have met Cynthia Zaven […]

V2 zone at MOCA Taipei

“Made In Taiwan” invites people to play with a complex mechanical sound orchestra, installed in the museum by using their mobile phones. The students have made a mechanical orchestra consists of modified, hacked, changed and customised, electronic household devices like vacuum cleaners playing flute, organ and brass, rattling kitchen mixers, buzzing ventilators, and humming refrigerators. […]

Zuidas Free Spaces / AIR initiative

‘If buildings and roads are the city’s hardware, then culture is the software that brings the city to life.’ – Geert-Jan was working five months in Amsterdam on a new project for the Zuidas Free Spaces / AIR initiative wich brings together urban planners, developers, architects and politicians, artists and scholars to consider the appropriation […]