Sonic Therapy in Netwerk Aalst 24-04 till 12-06

by | Apr 24, 2010 | NEWS, SONIC THERAPY

Sonic Therapy has developed itself permanent en even when it was not active, resting in boxes, we were working on new idea’s and talking to artists on collaboration plans.
With the presentation at Netwerk the centrum voor hedendaagse kunst in Aalst and the support of fondsbkvb in Holland we made a quantum leap.
We not only added three new therapies by Mark Bain, Bas van Koolwijk and Adham Hafez but completely reworked all our existing work (with the exception of aqua elise for it can not be improved).
The therapies are more integrated, sonic and physical balanced, slowly “sonic therapy” is mutating in to “physonic therapy”.
From using existing “of the shelf” elements we are now building our own new, tailored and sound driven treatments, making the therapies much more harmonies, consistent and physical intense.
It is maturing rapidly and there is still a long list of improvements on existing therapies and plans for new treatments, were just beginning to see the potential of individual physical sonic treatments.
Its exiting.


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