No Patent Pending #34

October 13, 2018 iii workspace, Willem Dreespark 312, The Hague The 34th edition of the interdisciplinary performance series No Patent Pending  present new work by guest residents (me) and iii members. A very nice intervieuw klick HERE A live set with 4 strings and 6 sanding machine beta-testing our custom build dimmer for machines. Playing […]

Visiones Sonoras at CMMAS Mexico 2015

“Blind Date”electroacústica/objetos sonoros Geert-Jan Hobjin, arpa/ Gwyneth Wentik A sound machnes improvisation with Gwyneth Wentink (harp ). soon more sound and images [AFG_gallery id=’64’] And a Kids Cobra Talleres construcion y Ejecucion de Instrumentos mecanicos [AFG_gallery id=’63’] And a presentation of our work as you can see by this nice analogue impression by one of […]

Zeero @ TodaysArt 2015

Commissioned by TodaysArt 2015, Staalplaat Soundsystem (for this occasion consisting of Geert-Jan Hobijn, Radboud Mens, Anthony Blokdijk and Bastiaan Maris) created ‘Zeero’, a very large organ of four steel tubes with a length of 24 meters and a diameter of 1 meter , sponsored by Van O0rd. Staalplaat used hot air balloon burners to create […]

Staaplaat Soundsystem plays Maritime Rites – Wasserkorso, by Alvin Curran with 16 sirens

Invited by Netwerk for the Festival: StraatHerrie (literally translated ‘Street­ noise’) we did our concert in Aalst and used 16 sirens. (written for shiphorns) I got the hand written score from Alvin and had it transcribed and then saved to Midi, we played it as DMX (with a self programed Max patch) It worked very well. […]

FluxYou at the Intermediales Symposion Kiel

Staalplaat soundsystem presented the installation/concert ‘Musica povera al dente’ or fluxYOU at the Intermediales Symposion Kiel For the set up we had 19 hand driven turntables, made from siple neadle, paper horn andfound opbjects like a salad-dryer or yogurt box. Weput contact mic’s on the paper horns and used our ownthe white and transparent model […]

FluxYOU at Auditorum in Rome

sound sample FluxYOU or Musica Povera al dente at Auditorium Rome 2010 [audio:] “Fluxus Biennial 2010-2011” Staalplaat soundsystem presented a new installation/concert  ‘Musica povera al dente’ or fluxYOU commissioned by Fondazione Musica per Roma, Rome Auditorium” For the set up we build 20 hand driven turntables, made from siple neadle, paper horn and  found opbjects […]