Art+Technology Award 2014 to be presented to Geert‑Jan Hobijn

uitnodiging Kunst+Techniek-prijs 2014_Hobijn_HR Invitation Art+tTechnology Award 2014 Thought‑provoking sound art as a playful gift to a wide audience               The Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2014 will be presented to Dutch sound artist Geert‑Jan Hobijn. Hobijn will receive the award in recognition of his entire body of work. The presentation ceremony […]

FluxYou at the Intermediales Symposion Kiel

Staalplaat soundsystem presented the installation/concert ‘Musica povera al dente’ or fluxYOU at the Intermediales Symposion Kiel For the set up we had 19 hand driven turntables, made from siple neadle, paper horn andfound opbjects like a salad-dryer or yogurt box. Weput contact mic’s on the paper horns and used our ownthe white and transparent model […]

FluxYOU at Auditorum in Rome

sound sample FluxYOU or Musica Povera al dente at Auditorium Rome 2010 [audio:] “Fluxus Biennial 2010-2011” Staalplaat soundsystem presented a new installation/concert  ‘Musica povera al dente’ or fluxYOU commissioned by Fondazione Musica per Roma, Rome Auditorium” For the set up we build 20 hand driven turntables, made from siple neadle, paper horn and  found opbjects […]

staalplaat soundsystem @ ISEA2010 RUHR Conference P49 Media Gardens

Fri 27 August 2010 13:00–14:30h Volkshochschule Dortmund, L 110 Moedrated by Verena Kuni (de) 13:00h | Thomas Munz (de): The Laboratory Garden 13:20h | Peter Veenstra, Geert-Jan Hobijn (nl): Trains, Cars and Trees 13:40h | Sofian Audry (ca): Absences. Public Art Interventions in Natural Spaces Using Autonomous Electronic Devices 14:00h | Shannon McMullen (us): Machines […]

yokomono-pro with the Berlin Mobile Carphonic orchestra performance on Sunday, 31 January

YOKOMONO-PRO New Compositions by: Ilpo Vaisanen, 
Mika Vainio
 and Staalplaat Soundsystem Music program First by: Ilpo Vaisanen duration  15 minutes Second by: Mika Vainio duration  14.50 minutes Third by: staalplaat soundsystem duration  9 minutes Finale by: Mika Vanio duration  1.30 minutes ‘Yokomono Pro’ at CTM.10 Staalplaat Soundsystem and sound artists Ilpo Väisänen and Mika Vainio […]

Untitled 43

29 januari 2010 van 13-19 uur het symposium City Tunes in Centrum Beeldende Kunst Dordrecht

In het kader van de tentoonstelling Tuney Tunes wordt op 29 januari 2010 van 13-19 uur in het Centrum Beeldende Kunst Dordrecht het symposium City Tunes georganiseerd met als thema ‘Geluidskunst in de stad’. Verschillende geluidskunstenaars zullen presentaties en lezingen houden en discussiëren over de mogelijkheden van geluidskunst in de stedelijke omgeving. Deelnemers zijn behalve […]

kids racing audio concert

for the 9th September @ the staalplaat Berlin store I infited 4 children that ride 4 tricycles on each tricycle I  mounted several radio’s and asked the kids to drive up and down the street (two on each side). I did bring my turn table out on the street that has 4 tone arms so […]