Sound installation at Kruithuis

We created a site specific sound installation named Panasonic for a old military building. This in occasion of November Music festival, the sound art exhibition at Kruithuis a unique historical location. The rooms of the 17th century ammunition deposit in Den Bosch come to life with inventions by contemporary artists working with sound, light, movement […]

Composed Office by Ohm

[AFG_gallery id=’77’] ‘Composed Office’ is a site-specific project in which we change the façade of the renovated Witteveen + Bos office building into an sonic-instrument by attaching thirty sound sources to the façade. This work is part of a series that we make under the name Architone; a series in which we investigate how we can […]

Sale Away vorspiel-Transmediale 17

We build a new mechanical orchestra for Transmediale  that consists of instruments made of custolmised household appliances, which might normally be found in a shop window. The various sound devices are arranged in groups.  A robot video interface invites the passers-by to “play” the orchestra through their phone with simple dial commands. Visitors can select […]