Kraft durch Klang, a installation in old WOII German bunker Den Haag 2015


“Kraft durch Klang” is an exhibition / installation in a old WOII German bunker (old Atlantic-wall) in a park in Den Haag.
It is in a old bunker where they organise exhibitions since 2002, guests can come through the park.
In three small spaces we installed existing instruments, changed or even never used before.
-The first room: with 8 vacuum cleaners, we made a new composition for this whistle blowing  machine orchestra

-The second room: with ‘Leterlijk Muziek’ (‘Literal Music’) a sound installation with five musical organs that play a composition made of text.
The music organs are controlled with electric engines, we control the engines and so compose using controls, the speed and start stop, of the engines.
There are 3 different composition that you can select.

-The last room is ‘Acoustic Islands’ a room filled with water and 10 floating objects that unites three elements; sound, movement and light.
each object has two engines  and use different sound membranes shapes and material and in a kind buoy each membrane a and engine in a opposite direction so that it will spin.