Sale Away Nantes 2014

We presented a new version of the Sale Away soundinstallation at le lieu unique from 14 till 19 jan. Sale Away (2004) Nantes is a sound installation consisting of a series sound machines. For Sale Away Nantes we brought six instruments, first 10 wooden boxes, when the boxes are put in motion they kapble of making a deafening noise. Second 24 Flute blowing vacuumcleaners,  third, a quivering line of 9 boxes each with one set of jugsawas mounted on drumpedals , fourth 9 metalgrinders, about 70 ventilators and last a series of 50 Radio’s conected to the neon. Three compositions are written for le lieu unique. Visitors will be assigned the role of conductor, they can put instruments in motion, by using their mobile phone.