composed city

The Composed City workshop was organized for architecture students from the TU Berlin and sound studies students from the Universität der Künste. The topic sound (art) in public space. The uniquely mixed group developed ideas on how sound design and physical design of public space can be combined and how public space can be played as a musical instrument. These ideas were then projected in a specific location, the Wriezener Freiraum in Friedrichshain. The realized sound works then presented at the festival Tuned City. The sound works give attention to the different activities in the park, inviting to play, and making activities audible. The kinetic energy of people is used in an interactive way to set up the basis for new sonotopes. the Riffelschiene project the flypaper project Composed City is dealing with city sounds; using the public space as an instrument and initiating permanent changes to the existing soundscape. The „instrument“ to be played is the Wriezener Freiraum labor, part of the former train station Wriezener Bahnhof in Berlin Friedrichshain. A lecture series on June 4th on sound art in public space introduced the subject; the lecturing artists were Mark Bain, Achim Wollscheid, and Per Hedfors. The workshop took place between June 5th-8th 2008. The results was presented at the Berlin Festival Tuned City and the Langen Tags der Stadtnatur on July 4th-5th. Organisation: Staalplaat Soundsystem (Amsterdam, NL), Lola landscape architects (Rotterdam, NL), in cooperation with: UDK Berlin (departement of soundstudies) TU Berlin ( Architektur), TX-Architekten (Berlin) and the  tuned city festival. More info: the Kikkit project the riffelschiene concert