Architone-Yokomono-pro @ Today’s Art

Staalplaat Soundsystem : Architone-YokomonoPro-DenHaag, TA2010

Yokomono-Pro’ is an outdoor sound-performance-intervention using cars and traffic by Geert-Jan Hobijn / Staalplaat Soundsystem and sound artists Ilpo Väisänen and Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) that engages with the connections between sound, transportation and the urban environment.
A choreographed sound performance with 24 Nissan Cube’s vehicles have their car horns remotely trigger as they drive along a programmed route.
Using the horns as a choir, we will have a combination of voice patterns and dynamic spatial movements creating sound choreography as if for a car ballet.
Staalplaat Soundsystem featuring compositions from Mika Vainio & Ilpo Väisänen (Pan Sonic). ‘ The Staalplaat Sound System is a sound art, installation and performance group; sound activists with a Dadaist motor who create installations from everyday electronic objects: from vacuum cleaners and washing machines to a fleet of trains.

Presented in Den Haag @ Today’s Art festival
Friday 24 and Saturday 25 september at the Spuiplein



01. Track Yokomono-pro Den Haag