Sale Away vorspiel-Transmediale 17

We build a new mechanical orchestra for Transmediale  that consists of instruments made of custolmised household appliances, which might normally be found in a shop window. The various sound devices are arranged in groups.  A robot video interface invites the passers-by to “play” the orchestra through their phone with simple dial commands. Visitors can select compositions or play the instruments and compose using the sound instruments.

Build by: Radboud Mens, Carlo Crovato, Jens A. Ewald, and Geert-Jan Hobijn

Running time: 28.01. – 12.02.2017

Hobrechtstr sale away from Malte Paulsen on Vimeo.

Sale Away compostion one : Drone

Sale Away compostion two : Minimal

Sale Away composition three: Techno