Composed Office by Ohm

‘Composed Office’ is a site-specific project in which we change the façade of the renovated Witteveen + Bos office building into an sonic-instrument by attaching thirty sound sources to the façade. This work is part of a series that we make under the name Architone; a series in which we investigate how we can change public space through sound art. The instruments, whose sound boxes consist of wooden shipping boxes, have been specially designed for this project. There are 2 types of instruments; a vibrating instrument and a stringed instrument, based on the medieval hurdy-gurdy. The instruments are mechanically controlled, mounted on the outside of the façade in the office windows from where long strings are stretched to the street. The sound boxes can be clearly seen and heard by everyone and we made a series ofcompositions for the building and instruments on the spot. This Installation is made by Ohm; Geert-Jan Hobijn,  Radboud Mens & Gijs Gieskes. This sound artwork could be seen and heard at the front of the building for two days.
Geert-Jan Hobijn is the winner of the Witteveen + Bos prize for Art + Techniek in 2014.