Kid’s Patch workschop and Belgrade Philharmonic Youth Orchestra concert


For the Beograd Dispatch festival

Staalplaat Soundsystem shows to the kids how they don’t need special Japanese plastic devices, but all they actually need can be found in their kitchen or storage, with a bit of research and modification. mixers, vacuum cleaners and appliances alike will go through a musical symbiosis with well-known children’s instruments.

we have done kids a workshop that consist of two main elements,
first developing and building instruments and second playing and presenting them in the context of a concert. Staalplaat soundsystem  has experience in teaching children building instruments from old house hold machines like kitchen mixers or vacuum cleaners and all sorts of toy-instruments and other noise making things.
The workshop results in a performance of the kid’s, creating  the “Belgrade Philharmonic Youth Orchestra”.
The orchestra was conducted on a simply dimmer-based system, the kid’s can use little voltage dimmers (that we bring) to control their instruments .

Workshop Kids-patch at Dis-patch Beograd 08