YOKOMONO WHITE with Hassan Khan at Tesla Berlin

by | Jul 14, 2007 | CONCERT, YOKOMONO


The idea for ‘Yokomono White’ was made for the Avanto festival in Helsinki but never realized nor tested.
“Yokomono white” is just old turntables with paper tubes (for children when they go the first time to school) and a pin
this is a experimental version live tested on stage in conjunction with Hassan Khan.

The piano sections included in this performance were composed and recorded a couple of months ago in podgorica by Hassan Khan. These simple compositions were interested in structure and architecture- the way a proposition is stated and developed. The recording was done behind the firewall of the national theater whose wooden floor and extremely high ceilings provided excellent natural reverb. Segments from these recordings are rearranged to provide a structure for a live improvisation session using live feedbacking mixers, a battery of filters in conjunction with staalplaat soundsystems’s vinyl loops library and turntables.

Hassan Khan works with image, sound, text, music and concept. His album tabla dubb has just been released on the 100COPIES label. Khan lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.