Cairo Kids Cobra workshop

by | May 27, 2013 | KIDS WORKSHOP, NEWS

Kids Cobra workshop building instruments and performing.
Building and Performing Mechanical Instruments
Staalplaat Soundsystem has created a multitude of Machine Installations usually featuring odd  machine orchestras constructed from consumer electronics and a plethora of found objects,
we noticed that children were fascinated by our way of playfully misusing everyday household items.
In 2005, we then decided to develop our first instrument-building workshop for children and introduced the concept at the Avanto Festival in Helsinki, Finland. We have been refining the concept and approach ever since.
Staalplaat Soundsystem workshops aim to stimulate and explain the creative process. We provide clear techniques and simple tools while guiding participants in the design and realisation of their unique ideas.

Over the years, we have found this methodology successful for teaching children to find creative and inspired solutions to problems.

Here the children were hard working and very nice but as loud and chaotic as the Cairo traffic.

We did the kids cobra-concert at the 100 copies space and it was, besides great fun, musically very interesting, some of them build their own flutes, even big ones that sounded beautiful. I think that from now on we should not use toy flues anymore, and have only self made models, the tones are much better specially the big base flutes.
I was impressed by the warm physical spontaneous friendliness of these children.
We had a nice mix of local street kids with international kids that speak italian english, german french and arab.