by | Jun 9, 2012 | MACHINES, NEWS

staalplaat soundsystem made a very simple sound installation:
a set up with 4 coffee machines at  DOK-Gent, Belgium.
4 electronic valves control the water.
4 sequencers control the valves.

This is a remake of Sweet Sissy and the Ballroom Hiss that we did in 2002 In vooruit Gent where we used coffee machines , but there it wend al wrong and we flooded the place and blew the fuses.

“Wanking on Weird Setups Fest” is a festival that celebrates out of the ordinary audio setups. Kapotski invites musicians and sound artists to build sound installations that fit within 1 square meter. The installations play autonomous. The only control they have is an on/off button. No concert, no performance: only Setup!


contributing artists:
Geert-Jan Hobijn (Staalplaat)
Jurgen de blonde (Kohn)
Stijn Dickel (aifoon)
Paul Cassiers (Zilke)
Wim Delivyne (Zilke / needle and the …)
Xavier Gazon (Playboy’s bend, t.b.c.)
Kurt Stockman (kapotski)
Jonas Nachtergaele (kapotski)
Kristof Lauwers (Logos, t.b.c.)
Pauwel De Buck