Sale Away installation at Dordtyart

We presented a new version of our Sale Away soundinstallation at Dordtyart . Sale Away (2004) Dordtyart is a sound installation consisting of a series of wooden boxes, placed high on the metal construction in the hall. The work fits perfectly into its surroundings through placement, color and material. When the boxes are put in […]


staalplaat soundsystem made a very simple sound installation: a set up with 4 coffee machines at  DOK-Gent, Belgium. 4 electronic valves control the water. 4 sequencers control the valves. [AFG_gallery id=’10’] This is a remake of Sweet Sissy and the Ballroom Hiss that we did in 2002 In vooruit Gent where we used coffee machines […]

Staalplaat Soundsystem in residence at LACE

[AFG_gallery id=’11’] Staalplaat Sale Away installation video A video of the installation, made for LACE  during our recidency to stay up to April 15 Staalplaat performance video For this performance we were using “everyday electronic junk” scavenged from thrift stores and donations, staalplaat soundsystem fashioned new “orchestra” of “sound machines” controlled by self-build sequencers. All […]

linz workshop for MayHEM festival

Time’s Up is holding a staalplaat soundsystem workshop focused on working practice in cooperation with The focus is laid onto the creation of sound instruments from all sorts of old junk machines like kitchen mixers, vacuum cleaners and other noise making, allegedly useless, discarded everyday-life electric appliances and/or computer parts. [AFG_gallery id=’26’]

Nancy S.

During the Sonic Art 08 residency the Indian artist Navin Thomas needed a sound instrument for a performance in New Delhi. So I made Nancy S. by putting sanding machines in rubber boots and hang bells on them. He changed his mind, (they were to laud), so I made it for no reason. Only the […]

for the spirits of dead computers

[AFG_gallery id=’29’] During the Sonic Art 08 residency I have made a “for the spirits of dead computers” a sound-machine from things I got for no reason or for other planned that did not work out. I used a car window wiper engine ,intended for the otto Berlin piano, and empty computer housing that I […]

Otto Berlin

Otto Berlin On a previous Khoj Sonic Art residency in 2006 there was a project done by Cynthia Zaven named  “Untuned piano concerto with Delhi traffic orchestra” . Khoj organized the Untuned piano, (named Otto Berlin) and it was still standing in the Khoj hall when I came in 2008. I have met Cynthia Zaven […]

nine lives of buddha

On the 2nd October we took part in an evening of musikprotokoll featuring the FM3 Buddha Machine we were asked to do a Buddha machine remix and so did our own interpretation of the little box: The Buddha machine has nine loops and we destroy nine machines in nine ways as a interpretation of Dick […]