YOKOMONO at ARGOS festival Brussels

by | Oct 18, 2002 | YOKOMONO

brusselSpeel Goed – Brussels Belgium, 18 – 26 October 2002

For ‘Pitch – Mutating Turntables’, an exhibition and concert series focussing on the pick-up as a springboard for diverse sonic, visual and audio-visual mutations, Staalplaat Soundsystem created ‘Speel Goed’. We were immediately struck by the potential of the space of Matrix Art Project, an old depot in the old Brussels docks with a characteristic red floor.
Consequently, we decided to incorporate the character of the space in the raw materials used to produce our installation ‘Speel Goed’, creating an imaginative installation interpreted as an audio-visual playground. In fact, the work at the location of the Matrix Art Project was a early variation on the YOKOMONO project.
‘Speel Goed’ was similarly comprised of ‘vinyl killers’, portable radios and toy trains. We combined the trilingual Belgian context with our work: basic material included children’s records in Dutch, French and German. At the opening of ‘Pitch – Mutating Turntables’, we inaugurated our work in a concert; during the exhibition it was changed into an installation. Besides being a sonic barrage, the work played – also literally – on the reflective memories of childhood.

Geert-Jan Hobijn (NL) + Carsten Stabenow (D)
produced for ‘Pitch-Mutating Turntables’, as part of the Argos Festival 2002, curated by Ive Stevenheydens