YOKOMONO VOXXX gallery Chemnitz

by | May 31, 2003 | YOKOMONO

For the Voxxx gallery we did not only set up the installation especially for the architectural space, we tuned it especially for the city too. We linked this work to an installation made by one of the sons of Chemnitz: Carsten Nicolai. We used 4 locked groove records from the installation “bausatz noto infinity” (1998). The records werel placed on little tables and played by vinyl killers. We did bring over one hundred radios. Each killer opened up a separate audio channel and the radios were hung in four groups, so we have quadrophonic sound as basic sound of the room. To contradict this static sound we transmited video sound, that was received by small battery operated radios on two sets of train models which were running in cycles. At the opening we used 6 extra killers to play a live set.
At the opening we played the first YOKOMONO live set with the new tivoly radio’s.

produced within the series: “soundart im VOXXX” curated by Carsten Seiffarth, 2003

YOKOMONO live at VOXXX Chemnitz 2003

by Geert-Jan Hobijn & Carsten Stabenow.