Sweet Sissy and the Ballroom Hiss

by | Mar 26, 2002 | MACHINES

Sweet Sissy and the Ballroom Hiss was a concert performance for the 6th Vooruit Geluid Festival in Ghent Belgium, 26.-30. March, 2002. The idea for this project came under the impression of the Vooruit building and of the spaces especially the big concert hall. We built a huge installation for 12 industrial floor polishers, a whole range of household equipment (coffeemachines, mixers…) and technical tools. Downstairs the floor polishers were dancing in what seemed to be a choreography, on the balconies the other equipment was commenting the whole event in its own rattling way. The result was impressive to say the least: our concert hall, which usually hosts rock concerts and dance-parties for about 1200 people, was now the scene of a Sissy-esque electric ballroom experience, with the floor polishers as spastic ballroom dancers and the other machines as enthusiastic side-actors. Eva De Groote, Music Department Arts Centre Vooruit.

Sweet Sissy and the Ballroom Hiss at Vooruit Gent 2002

by Geert-Jan Hobijn (NL), Carlo Crovato (GB)