Sale Away installation at Dordtyart

by | Apr 21, 2013 | MACHINES, SALE AWAY

We presented a new version of our Sale Away soundinstallation at Dordtyart .
Sale Away (2004) Dordtyart is a sound installation consisting of a series of wooden boxes, placed high on the metal construction in the hall. The work fits perfectly into its surroundings through placement, color and material. When the boxes are put in motion makes a deafening noise. For DordtYart we  added four parts to Sale Away. Flute blowing vacuumcleaners, a quivering pile of boxes, metalgrinders, and a series of toy-organs that play literally the definition of sound. Three composiction are writen for the lokation his ensures a dynamic orchestral sounds in the hall. Visitors will be assigned the role of conductor they can put instruments  in motion , by usung their mobile phone.