Lebendiges Blau Stralsund 2001

by | Sep 20, 2001 | MACHINES

ebendiges Blau is a dynamic radio play developed for the annual sound art Garage festival in Stralsund. The piece is an adaptation of Derek Jarman’s final and award-winning-film and developed as a hybrid of a live show, installation and radio play. The play explores Derek Jarman’s gradual loss of sight which dwindles to a simple blue light due to complications associated with HIV/AIDS. The original movie contains no visual images, presenting instead a powerful, disturbing and experimental, devoid of visual images while presenting the voices of Jarman and several actors speaking over a blue screen for over an hour. Staalplaat’s adaptation used the German-dubbed soundtrack as well as diverse elements including lighting, physical objects and moving sound systems which were created to stimulate physical and mental sensations. “Blue is darkness made visible”, writes Jarman, who died in February 1994 at the age of 52.