A Composition for 104 Washing Machines (Weis 104)

by | Sep 8, 2000 | MACHINES

A Composition for 104 Washing Machines (Weis 104) was realised for an installation made by the berlin artist Victor Kégli on 08. September, 2000 in Berlin.

After the concert in Stralsund for eight old prepared refrigerators, matrix printers, and kitchen utilities, The Staalplaat Sound System played a live composition for the 104 wash-machines on Schlossplatz, in front of the Palast der Republik next to the Berliner Dom.
The 104 machines are new Siemens Siwamat XL 540 and have been hooked up to electricity and water.
The installation is made by Victor Kégli so that everybody could come and do his laundry, and is intended as a place of communication.
The Staalplaat Sound System turned the installation in to an a single orchestra washing your ears of, using washable and non-washable materials, like toy instruments, lollipops, unions, money laundering, forks and spoons, washing ice, plastic boutles, pieces of wood and other cool stuff. For this were collected that would have a differentiated sound development.
It was not only be a place of communication but of inspiration too.

featuring: Bastiaan Maris, Paul Paulun, Geert-Jan Hobijn and Rashad Becker