YOKOMONO at re:visie in Utrecht Centraal Museum

by | Sep 30, 2006 | YOKOMONO

The re:visie festival is part of the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht. Under the topic “Pick Up The Pieces” they invited a lot of projects dealing with the single ‘pieces’ of the medium film in different ways. http://www.revisie.org
For re:visie we did a YOKOMONO wireless video set together with Bas van Koolwijk. He was using the input of several little cameras build in the vinyl killers and in the setup and processed those signals. http://www.umatic.nl/info_bas.html

For the first time the YOKOMONO was played within a multi channel spatial soundsystem! For this we worked together with the excellent abiunix system made by komponent lab from denmark. The systems uses many more loudspeakers than a traditional PS-system so that the audience is surrounded by loudspeakers from all angles. With a cunning electronic coupling together of the sound sources present are they fused into a single source whose accumulated characteristics could be manipulated by us. The interaction with the system was directly related to the 10 separate soundsources (vinylkillers). http://ambiunix.komponent.dk/