YOKOMONO at EARATIONAL Festival in St.Hertogenbosh

by | Feb 19, 2004 | YOKOMONO


For the space of Artis gallery we wanted to introduce a new element: the interference and its sonic effects that the fm transmitters have on each other.
We used the shear size of Artis and created a grid similar to the industrial construction of the space – a set up that might remind you of a construction hall. We created a long hall in the middle, where three levels of radios are hung horizontally, this at approximately ear level. Behind the wall of radios we placed the production of sound, visible but not dominant. We used the grid of the pillars to divide the hall into five parts. In the first grid segment we tuned the vinyl killers on the left and the right side and the according radios to the same frequency, so the radios bounced from one signal to the other, creating a dynamic sound on the left and right side. To contradict the static installation sound, we used small battery operated radios on 3 sets of train models, which were running in and out the FM stream of the vinyl killers, and used the movement of the radios to map the transmission fields. In the second grid segment the radios on the left side were tuned to a different frequency than the right side, this created a more static stereo sound. The third grid was like the first etc. to create an industrial machine like situation.

We have made a 12″ record especially for this installation with loops based on fieldrecordings and other material of our own and for the other side we invited different artists to contribute loops for that project.
Danmarks Ældste Sangskat ønsker: Mainpal Inverted, Massimo, Jim O’Rourke, Rechenzentrum, Nerve Net Noise, Heimir, Pimmon, John Hegre, Kozo Inada, Freiband and Radboud Mens.

For the opening of the exhibition we played the installation live and used a large variety of material, illustrating its possibilities and potential.

Geert-Jan Hobijn (NL), Carsten Stabenow (GER).

YOKOMONO live at Earational festival Hertogenbosch 2004