Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2014


“Founder of Staalplaat and Staalplaat Soundsystem, Geert-Jan Hobijn (1959) is ‘an open-minded, enthusiastic artist with a boundless curiosity. Fascinating by sound and space and making use of pedestrian materials, Geert-Jan is constantly devising new creations to use in his experiments.’ This book shows some of his work through several photos, an introduction by Douglas Kahn, an essay by Jorinde Seijdel. Plus a single 7″ with locked grooves that you can play manually or with a turntable, and a small electronic device that reacts to light.” price € 13.50
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Staalplaatsoundsystem Vinyl LP
‎– Composed Nature / Yokomono Pro

yoko composed

LP Produced by Staalplaat Soundsystem in order to document their recent sonic activities and researches, this LP record is focused on 2 projects. Composed Nature by Staalplaat Soundsystem and LOLA landscape architects, is an installation developed for the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Dordrecht, consisting of a matrix of 64 trees. Controllable mechanical vibrators are mounted on individual trees and are operated through custom made software. The sound of each tree can vary from a barely audible noise to a heavy ‘Green noise’, thereby offering different sound textures to be played. To play the trees, many spatial sonic patterns have been programmed, and a musical composition titled ‘Shiver Me Timbers’ has been written. ‘Yokomono pro’ by Staalplaat Soundsystem, was originally developed for the Indian Khoj (International Artists Association in New Delhi). This piece questions horn noise as a social sound and communication. The incredible volume and size of Indian traffic and the sounds it produces, was the inspiration for this project. Their communication language seems to be spoken with the horn; signaling with it everything needed, much the way we use indicator lights in Europe. We seek to intercept this phenomenon of car signaling and overlay it within a so-called meaningful structure. 30 auto rickshaws were hired and prepared technically in order to remotely take over control of their horns. This enabled to synchronously play rhythmic patterns as the autos drive along a pre-determined route. Using the taxis with their horns as a choir, it forms a combination of voice patterns and dynamic spatial movements which in turn create an undetermined sound choreography.” Includes a 4-page insert with notes and diagrams. price € 16.50
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Sweet Sissy And The Ballroom Hiss 12310.gif

Staalplaat Soundsystem was our guest during the 6th edition of Vooruit Geluid Festival (26-30th of march 2002). The idea for this project saw the light when Geert-Jan Hobijn (one of the founders of the acclaimed Dutch Staalplaatlabel) came to Vooruit and got an extended tour throughout the building. Many of the spaces awakened his enthusiasm but it was the big concert hall that inspired him most. A few weeks later the full concept was formed.
Geert Jan Hobijn and Carlo Crovato built a huge installation for 12 industrial floor polishers, a whole range of household equipment (coffeemachines, mixers,…) and technical tools. All the machines were obeying Geert Jan who was producing bizarre soundpieces and sometimes hilarious tunes, as a true master of ceremonies.
Downstairs the floor polishers were dancing in what seemed to be a choreography, on the balconies the other equipment was commenting the whole event in its own rattling way. The result was impressive to say the least: our concert hall which usually hosts rock concerts and dance-parties for about 1200 people, was now the scene of a Sissy-esque electric,
ballroom experience with the floor polishers as spastic ballroom dancers and the other machines as enthusiastic side-actors. Eva De Groote, Music Department Arts Centre Vooruit