Cairo Kids Cobra workshop

Kids Cobra workshop building instruments and performing. Building and Performing Mechanical Instruments Staalplaat Soundsystem has created a multitude of Machine Installations usually featuring odd  machine orchestras constructed from consumer electronics and a plethora of found objects, we noticed that children were fascinated by our way of playfully misusing everyday household items. In 2005, we then […]

new installation Acoustic Islands

  We just build a new sound installation named Acoustic Islands that we presented at the Oerol festival 2013 and at Dordtyard. Acoustic Islands is a swarm of light producing acoustic insects with a rotating chemo acoustic sound. It consists of many floating objects that unites three elements; sound, movement and light. The object is […]

Sale Away installation at Dordtyart

We presented a new version of our Sale Away soundinstallation at Dordtyart . Sale Away (2004) Dordtyart is a sound installation consisting of a series of wooden boxes, placed high on the metal construction in the hall. The work fits perfectly into its surroundings through placement, color and material. When the boxes are put in […]


  We did out first version of Yokomono-white at in 2007 Podewil for a one of colaboratuion consert  with Hassan Khan The idea for ‘Yokomono White’ was made for the Avanto festival in Helsinki but never realized nor tested. “Yokomono white” is just old turntables with paper tubes and a pin using our own Yokomono […]


20-07-12 till 26-08-12 Klankenbos NEERPELT Klankenbos in the context of Manifesta 9 Musica organises a summer exhibit presenting a new and permanent  installation COMPOSED NATURE. Vibrant trees are the focus the of the Dutch  Composed Nature installation by staalplaat Soundsystem and Lola landscape architects. An interactive installation brings a series of motorized trees shaking causing […]