On Thursday the 23rd of January at 19:00h StaalplaatSoundsystem did the open the outdoor light art exhibition Klankvorm presents Lightformsat at the Plein 1940 (square 1940 in remmberance to the german bombing of Rotterdam) with a special site-specific sound installation called “De Verwoeste Stad” (The Destroyed City).
The installations and performances of Staalplaat Soundsystem are mostly exhibited and performed in a non-museum environment. This can be an industrial setting, a public space in the city or somewhere in a natural environment, like a forrest. In Rotterdam the collective is performing “De Verwoeste Stad” next to the famous eponymous sculpture of Zadkine. This installation is an experimental representation of the city; a mechanical industrial orchestra that fits a port city and it’s history. 24 sound boxes as vibrating instruments, grinders and sirens that reminds of a destroyed city. An imaginative installation that consists of melodic, poetic and powerful instruments that are being played live, bringing the sound and light objects to life.

Staalplaat Soundsystem – De Verwoeste Stad from fcr on Vimeo.