Invited by Netwerk for the Festival: StraatHerrie (literally translated ‘Street­ noise’) we did our concert in Aalst and used 16 sirens. (written for shiphorns)
I got the hand written score from Alvin and had it transcribed and then saved to Midi, we played it as DMX (with a self programed Max patch)
It worked very well.
We could not really tune the sirens to tones for if we took a low tone , the volume was just as low.
But we had different models and differences in distance to have variation.
 It was played on Werfplein (the town square)
The public response was very strong , first people came to ask if there was a reason and if they could see our permit.
Then local bar and shop owners came explain to us that we were bad for business and in the end someone trashed our recording set up (so we mis the last part).
I can not wait to do it again

a two minute sound edit:
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