We played a YOKOMONO set at the DEAF07 festival in Rotterdam. “On 14 April V2_ celebrates its 25th birthday with an exceptionally dynamic night. A surprising lineup of groundbreaking artists who have bridged new media, performance, image and sound in the past 25 years will perform. Along with Staalplaat Soundsystem’s “vinyl killers”, Edwin van der […]

YOKOMONO at Gallery Kapelica / Ljubljana

An new version of the YOKOMONO installation is running from the 5th of april on at the Gallery Kapelica in Ljubljana / Slovenia wich used to be a liturgical place of the Apprentice Hostel. If you are around you should check their always interesting programme! On the 10th of May we are going to perform […]

YOKOMONO at RIAM Festival 2006

Invited by the people of Circuit Court we played at the RIAM Festival 2006 in Marseille. Here you can find an interview made by Radio Grenouville for their INDISCIPLINES series: http://www.grenouille888.org/dyn/IMG/mp3/12_06_Indisciplines_festival_RIAM.mp3 And here you can find a video interview on the YOKOMONO project made by circuitcourt: http://streaming.circuit-court.org/circuitcourt/riam/03/videos/Stalplaat.mov

YOKOMONO at dis-patch festival in Belgrade

We did a YOKOMONO performance at the dis-patch festival in Belgrade organised by the people from Belgradyard Sound System in a very nice venue an old cinnema. Of course we went to visit the famous Tesla museum because without Nikola Tesla we would not have YOKOMONO (he invented the basics of radio transmission). The image […]

sincronie chew-z in Milano and Reggio Emilia

CHEW-Z was a festival organised by Massimiliano Viel and the people arround the plattform sincronie.

CHEW-Z Colliding HEterophonic Waves was inspired by the book “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch” by Philip K. Dick and was dealing with his ideas of perception of reality. Staalplaat Soundsystem was invited to play togethet with the Icarus Ensemble as well as solo parts for this two concert evenings. A YOKOMONO solo part was done but only with records cut especially for this event based on the material of Fausto Romitelli’s “La sabbia del tempo”. We did a analog live remix of this material. We played a MACHINE orchestra solo part and a piece called “Can-D” by Riccardo Nova together with the Icarus Ensemble, Riccardo Nova’s electronic manipulations and our MACHINES.
Compositions by:
Riccardo Nova, Otolab, Fausto Romitelli, Staalplaat Soundsystem, Giovanni Verrando and Massimiliano Viel

Conductor: Giorgio Bernasconi

Icarus Ensemble:
Giovanni Mareggini (flute), Nicola Zuccala’ (clarinet), Andrea Menafra (guit), Marco Pedrazzini (keyboards), Kumi Uchimoto (keyboards), Paolo Ghidoni (violin), Luciano Cavalli (viola), Matteo Malagoli, (violoncello)