linz workshop for MayHEM festival

Time’s Up is holding a staalplaat soundsystem workshop focused on working practice in cooperation with The focus is laid onto the creation of sound instruments from all sorts of old junk machines like kitchen mixers, vacuum cleaners and other noise making, allegedly useless, discarded everyday-life electric appliances and/or computer parts.


Lola landscape architects and Staalplaat Soundsystem organized a full day workshop for Indesem ’09 – Point of View Faculty of Architecture Delft. 45 students from all over the world researched and presented their ideas about the relation between sound and public space. The final presentations were held in metro station Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam. more on […]

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Sonic Art 08 – Staalplaat soundsystem at The KHOJ International Sonic Residency in New Delhi

Staalplaat soundsystem was at the Second Khoj International Artists’ Association International Sonic Art Residency from Nov-10th – Dec 21st 2008. Participants were Geert-Jan Hobijn  Andrej Hrvatin (founder of Satoration), Kiran Subbaiah and Navin Thomas. To examine sound as a form of experimentation in between artistic and scientific exploration. Taking our past experiences with the genre […]

Kid’s Patch workschop and Belgrade Philharmonic Youth Orchestra concert

For the Beograd Dispatch festival Staalplaat Soundsystem shows to the kids how they don’t need special Japanese plastic devices, but all they actually need can be found in their kitchen or storage, with a bit of research and modification. mixers, vacuum cleaners and appliances alike will go through a musical symbiosis with well-known children’s instruments. […]

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composed city

The Composed City workshop was organized for architecture students from the TU Berlin and sound studies students from the Universität der Künste. The topic sound (art) in public space. The uniquely mixed group developed ideas on how sound design and physical design of public space can be combined and how public space can be played […]

V2 zone at MOCA Taipei

“Made In Taiwan” invites people to play with a complex mechanical sound orchestra, installed in the museum by using their mobile phones. The students have made a mechanical orchestra consists of modified, hacked, changed and customised, electronic household devices like vacuum cleaners playing flute, organ and brass, rattling kitchen mixers, buzzing ventilators, and humming refrigerators. […]

Kid’s workshop at Stuttgarter Filmwinter

For the Stuttgarter Filmwinter we did a Philharmechanic Workshop with kid’s building instruments from old vacuumcleaners and all sorts of toy-instruments and other noise making things. The workshop resulted in a performance of the kid’s as Young Philharmechanic Orchestra Stuttgart. The orchestra was conducted on a simply number-based system, the kid’s used flash lights on […]