Composed Nature

  LOLA landscape architects and Staalplaat Soundsystem present a new installation Composed Nature, developed for the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Dordrecht, it consists of a matrix of 64 trees. Controllable, mechanical vibrators are mounted on each individual tree and are operated by custom made software. The sound of each tree can vary from a barely audible […]


staalplaat soundsystem is releasing a series of artist vinyl release used in our own yokomono sound installations. This new record is a second attempt to create random vinyl . Our first attempt was the release of Yokomono 03 where we hoped to cut two tracks, one spiraling from outside in and the others from inside […]

FluxYOU at Auditorum in Rome

sound sample FluxYOU or Musica Povera al dente at Auditorium Rome 2010 [audio:] “Fluxus Biennial 2010-2011” Staalplaat soundsystem presented a new installation/concert  ‘Musica povera al dente’ or fluxYOU commissioned by Fondazione Musica per Roma, Rome Auditorium” For the set up we build 20 hand driven turntables, made from siple neadle, paper horn and  found opbjects […]

we made a track for Palais de Tokyo in Paris

01. Track for Palais de Tokyo answering machine 10 [audio:] They say” A l’instar de Christian Marclay, qui dans sa vidéo Telephones (1995) a rassemblé des extraits de films hollywoodiens montrant des acteurs répondant au téléphone, Staalplaat réalise un montage de sonneries de téléphone et de conversations téléphoniques provenant de bandes son de films. Ce […]

nine lives of Buddha in Rome

We were asked to do a Buddha machine remix and so did our own interpretation of the little sound box: The Buddha machine has nine loops and we destroy nine machines in nine ways as a interpretation of Dick Raaijmakers Intona (1991) where he deconstructs 12 microphones.