Kid’s Patch workschop and Belgrade Philharmonic Youth Orchestra concert

For the Beograd Dispatch festival Staalplaat Soundsystem shows to the kids how they don’t need special Japanese plastic devices, but all they actually need can be found in their kitchen or storage, with a bit of research and modification. mixers, vacuum cleaners and appliances alike will go through a musical symbiosis with well-known children’s instruments. […]

24 hours yokomono at spor festival, aarhus

For the 2008 edition of the SPOR festival in Aarhus we were invited to play a 24 hour yokomono set (may 9 – 10, 2008). Music takes place in time. This fact has been investigated and challenged over the years where composers have worked with repetition and ‘endless’ processes, with very long sequences or extremely […]

sonic wargame at clubtransmediale 2008

staalplaat soundsystem together with akuvido played a sonic wargame sessions at clubtransmediale 2008. … In a quadrophonic arena the battle for audibility is raging. While the referee keeps an ear out, musical gladiators engage in combat with an arsenal of electronic weaponry. Sonic Espionage, in-Filtration, Atonal Behaviour and Hostile Overdubs, it’s an ear for an […]

nine lives of buddha

On the 2nd October we took part in an evening of musikprotokoll featuring the FM3 Buddha Machine we were asked to do a Buddha machine remix and so did our own interpretation of the little box: The Buddha machine has nine loops and we destroy nine machines in nine ways as a interpretation of Dick […]