Impressions 1

Sonic Art 08 – Staalplaat soundsystem at The KHOJ International Sonic Residency in New Delhi

Staalplaat soundsystem was at the Second Khoj International Artists’ Association International Sonic Art Residency from Nov-10th – Dec 21st 2008. Participants were Geert-Jan HobijnĀ  Andrej Hrvatin (founder of Satoration), Kiran Subbaiah and Navin Thomas. To examine sound as a form of experimentation in between artistic and scientific exploration. Taking our past experiences with the genre […]

Otto Berlin

Otto Berlin On a previous Khoj Sonic Art residency in 2006 there was a project done by Cynthia Zaven namedĀ  “Untuned piano concerto with Delhi traffic orchestra” . Khoj organized the Untuned piano, (named Otto Berlin) and it was still standing in the Khoj hall when I came in 2008. I have met Cynthia Zaven […]