Zeero @ TodaysArt 2015

Commissioned by TodaysArt 2015, Staalplaat Soundsystem (for this occasion consisting of Geert-Jan Hobijn, Radboud Mens, Anthony Blokdijk and Bastiaan Maris) created ‘Zeero’, a very large organ of four steel tubes with a length of 24 meters and a diameter of 1 meter , sponsored by Van O0rd. Staalplaat used hot air balloon burners to create […]

new installation Acoustic Islands

  We just build a new sound installation named Acoustic Islands that we presented at the Oerol festival 2013 and at Dordtyard. Acoustic Islands is a swarm of light producing acoustic insects with a rotating chemo acoustic sound. It consists of many floating objects that unites three elements; sound, movement and light. The object is […]